I am an Illustrator and Artist from Hereford now living and working in London.

I am constantly inspired by natural forms and historical stories. I often seek the input of magic realism and find pleasure in expressing this enchantment within the mundane. These themes lends themselves well to the narrative illustration I am drawn too. I aim to create an outlet for escapism within my illustration and make illustrations that convey a message, whether clear or subtle.

My mediums of choice are watercolour, gouache, pencil and lino print, however I am also versed in digital image making using the Adobe Creative Suite.

I have worked for clients in a variety of areas of illustration including product design, book illustration and branding, however I'm currently working on editorial and personal projects.

My career highlights have involved being exhibited in Patan Museum, Nepal for the exhibition Reflections 25.4.16 in 2016. I'm also very proud to have worked for a number of editorial clients including BBC History and The Philosopher's Magazine, as well as being commissioned by Lord John Bird for The Big Issue. And, recently I was shortlisted for the Cheltenham Illustration awards, 2017.

If you would like to discuss a commission opportunity (or just say hello!) please email me at